Detroit Distiller Wants to Make a Difference

Detroit distiller

Detroit’s long love story with whiskey has both shaped and reflected the greater American relationship with the spirit. When Prohibition began, the city was an efficient distribution center—its proximity to Canada and Antoine de Cadillac’s insistence that Michigan could grow wines rivaling those of Burgundy made it easy for bootlegging operations to thrive.

Today, the city’s Detroit distiller scene is booming. Eight childhood friends formed Detroit City Distillery in 2014, opening a distillery and tasting room in the Eastern Market’s former Goebel brewery building and Stroh’s ice cream plant. They create small-batch artisanal whiskey, gin and vodka using the finest local ingredients sourced from farms near their historic location.

Crafting Spirits with Detroit Soul: Exploring the Art of Distillation in the Motor City

They also follow two rules: “make what you want to drink, and make it the best way possible.” DCD makes its own rye whiskies (which won double gold at the San Francisco World Spirits competition this year), as well as bourbons and gin. The distillery also partners with local farmers to grow its own grains for those spirits, ensuring each bottle has the best possible taste.

And while it may seem like a risky venture, the founders of Detroit’s newest distillery think it’s an ideal time to start a business that will last. For one thing, the state recently passed a law that reduces the licensing fees for small distilleries and allows them to sell directly to consumers without a distributor. And for another, Michigan is surrounded by some of the country’s best water, a key ingredient in making high-quality spirits.

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