How to Select a Foldable Wagon

foldable wagon

A foldable wagon heavy duty collapsible wagon help ease the burden of hauling kids and gear to the beach, park or sporting event. These wagons collapse into a small footprint that can be stored in a closet or trunk of your car until next time. They typically feature aluminum or steel frames and rugged nylon or polyester fabric. Other common features include cup holders, seat belts and canopies.

When selecting a wagon, it is important to pay attention to both static and dynamic load capacity. The maximum static load indicates how much the wagon can support when it is not being moved, and the dynamic load capacity represents the maximum weight of a fully loaded wagon in motion over an extended period of time. In addition, consider the number of seats. Wagons with removable seats often list a maximum weight per seat, while wagons with built-in seats usually indicate a combined weight limit for both children and adult passengers.

From Storage Woes to Storage Solutions: Organizing with Foldable Wagons”

It’s also important to think about how easily you plan on pushing or pulling the wagon. If you will be lifting it in and out of your vehicle or over rough terrain, opt for a wagon that is lighter to help with maneuverability.

The wheels on a wagon can have a big impact on its ability to navigate tough terrain like sand and muddy parking lots. If you need a wagon that will tackle tough surfaces with ease, look for a wagon with large, all-terrain wheels.

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