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With a wave of new books, media coverage, and medical research demonstrating medicinal properties, it seems like magic mushrooms are finally having their moment. But navigating the mushroom world can feel daunting, especially for people interested in microdosing and looking to avoid any trip-like side effects. Find out more

That’s where the microdose comes in, with experts like McKenna advocating for “responsible use” of naturally occurring psychedelic mushrooms, and companies catering to this growing demographic by offering retreats focused on healing and meditation. The goal is to take one-twentieth to one-tenth the amount of psilocybin used in recreational trips—and anecdotally, it’s said to improve mood and mental stimulation without any mind-altering effect. It’s typically taken in premeasured capsules (often containing other natural, beneficial ingredients), chocolate or candy, or in a drink mix.

Maximizing Productivity and Creativity: The Role of FoggyForest Mushrooms

Guests at a typical retreat begin their stay with a group session, where they open up about often-emotional topics, and then sit for a meditative experience in nature surrounded by plants and music. And after a few sessions—including integrative therapy, beach yoga, astrological journeys, and dream specialists—they leave feeling “absolutely transformed.”

Although government figures show drug misuse remains flat, anecdotally, interest in mushrooms has soared. Even media outlets that have long held a hard line on drugs are starting to report on the research psilocybin is generating and its potential to alleviate depression, anxiety, addiction, and other psychological problems. And Google searches for “microdosing” and mushrooms have doubled in the past year alone.

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