How to Get Started With Twitter Paid Advertising

Twitter paid advertising  gives your business the power to target the right audience at the right time, increasing your conversion rate and delivering a strong ROI. Whether you’re looking to promote your account, increase your followers, drive app engagements or encourage your audience to take a specific action, we’ll create a custom campaign to help achieve your goals.

With pay-for-performance, you only pay for the promoted tweets that achieve your desired results. We provide a comprehensive toolset including marketing attribution models and customer journey mapping to give you an accurate picture of your return on investment.

Driving Results: Maximizing Impact with Twitter Paid Advertising

Create Your Twitter Ad

To get started, select an objective: awareness, consideration, or conversion. Then, choose a budget and schedule. To keep costs low, we recommend starting with one ad group and then adding more as you gain experience.

On the Ad details screen, you can use an existing tweet or create a new one. You can also add an image, link, and video. Twitter’s guidelines for image sizing can help you get the most out of your creative assets.

Twitter ads work on a bidding system, meaning that you are competing with other accounts to show up in Twitter users’ timelines and search results. It’s important to ensure that your content is top quality, engaging (both during the campaign and in your regular day-to-day Tweeting for your new followers), and has clear call to actions to maximize the potential of this platform.

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