Rebel Cotton Flag With Appliqued Stars

Thick, heavy cotton with a luxurious feel, theĀ Rebel Cotton Flag with Appliqued Stars is an excellent option for indoor display and historical reenactment. Due to its authentic construction and antiqued features, this flag also translates well to a variety of decorative and commemorative purposes.

This rectangular battle flag is one of the most recognizable Confederate Flags, featuring one star for each member of the CSA and an “x” pattern (called a saltier) denoting progress and strength. It was one of the more popular types produced by the Virginia Clothing Depot, and is most often seen as the CSA infantry, artillery, and cavalry flag. It also served as the CSA Navy jack.

Unveiling the Rebel Cotton Flag with Appliqued Stars: A Symbolic Journey

Applied stars are stitched into the blue canton of a flag, and this particular example uses a rare double-applique technique. This was accomplished by cutting through the shape of a star from a piece of calico dress fabric, which was then sewn to both the blue and white stripes. The stubby tips of some of the stars suggest that this flag may have been subject to clamp dying, which sometimes resulted in unusual color variations.

The embroidered designs add depth and detail to the overall design, making this an exceptionally well-made and attractive flag. A lovely addition to a home or business, it will also make an exceptional gift for any history buff or military enthusiast. It can also be used for light outdoor use, parades, and ceremonial presentations, although it is not recommended for long-term historical marches due to its relatively delicate materials and natural tendency to bleed or fade with extended exposure to the elements.

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