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How Does a Point of Sale Terminal (POS Terminal) Work


What is a POS terminal and how does a Point of Sale terminal work exactly? Read this article and find out everything you need to know!  POS terminals or Point of Sale terminals experienced a huge growth, after following the withdrawal of currency notes, even as the number of new devices installed has increased. Here is how everything works:  A POS terminal or Point of Sale terminal is a digitalized replacement for a traditional cash register which can process debit and credit cards. The customer has to enter his card PIN in order to complete the transaction and use the POS [...]

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The Best 5 Free Inventory Management System Software to Use


Looking for a free and open source inventory management system? Look no further and check out the best and most popular ones!  Managing your inventory in the right way can be the difference between running a successful business company and falling for bankruptcy. If you don’t know how to manage your inventory effectively and you don’t really know what you have or where all of your things are, it is time to do something if you don’t want to lose all of your customers to the competitors.  Keeping an eye on your products can be done through an inventory management systems. [...]

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Different Types of Inventory Management System Software


All types of inventory management system software have their own pros and cons! Read this article and discover more!  Properly managing your inventory demands a special software system. Regardless of whether the system consists of using a modern radio frequency identification software or writing inventory levels on a piece of paper, an inventory management system is necessary if you want to run an effective business company. The different types of inventory management systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. For startups and small businesses choosing the right one comes down to which type of system offers the most value for the [...]

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