What Does a Title IX Lawyer Do?

A title ix defense attorney lawyer is someone who can help you navigate the process of reporting sexual misconduct to a school and can also assist with a civil suit against a school or individual for violating your rights. Title IX is a federal law that prohibits schools from discriminating against students and teachers on the basis of gender and sexual orientation.

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The best Title IX lawyers have extensive experience with Title IX investigations and can help you through the entire process including the investigation, hearing and any appeals if necessary. They will work with the investigator to compile evidence to support your case and will be there to provide you with counsel during any questioning by your accuser. They will help you present your side of the story and can even help you prepare for the chance that the accuser might appeal if they are found “responsible.” (This would be considered double jeopardy as they could be adjudicated again.)

In addition to helping you through the Title IX proceedings a skilled attorney-advisor will record any objections during the hearing and bring those issues to light during your appeal. They will know the university’s procedures, their published Title IX guidelines and federal statutes and regulations regarding these proceedings.

While it is important to remember that this is a civil lawsuit and not an administrative complaint, the same laws and regulations apply. A Title ix lawyer will ensure that your communications with the investigator are privileged and protected. They will also document the entire proceeding so that you are able to file an action in federal court challenging any findings of the university.

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