How to Create a Facebook Page Moderation Word List

If you manage a Facebook Business Page, chances are you’re dealing with negative comments. You know the type – keyboard warriors are always eager to let you know how much they hate your product, that facebook page moderation word list fake or that they can get it cheaper elsewhere. These types of comments can hurt your reputation and even cause you to lose potential customers.

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Luckily, facebook has an easy way to hide comments that contain certain keywords and phrases. In the settings of your facebook page you will find a section called content moderation, here you can add a list of words, phrases and emojis that Facebook should automatically hide in the comments of your posts. You can also add variations of the same word like common misspellings, plurals, abbreviations and words that use numbers or symbols. You can either enter the words manually or upload a.CSV file with a list of them.

This can be especially useful for organizations that have to deal with bad reviews from their competitors or customers, or if you are running a promotion and want to make sure only positive feedback is shown. It’s a good idea to keep the list updated, since new offensive slang is popping up on the internet all the time.

However, it’s important to note that the moderation blocklist only works for comments posted directly on your Facebook page – it doesn’t apply to Facebook ads. So if you’re running campaigns on Facebook, it’s important to have another strategy for managing negative comments and feedback.

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