Watercolor Portrait of Dog

A personalized portrait of your beloved furry (or scaled or feathered) friend makes a timeless heirloom to be enjoyed for generations. A good quality photo is essential for creating a pet portrait that captures not only the likeness but also their spirit and personality.Check out : https://verywoof.com/product/watercolor-pet-portrait/

How long does a dog portrait take?

It’s helpful to have multiple photos, as pets can look drastically different from one to another due to lighting and setting. Whenever possible, it is best to meet the subject in person for a few minutes to see their unique personality and expression before painting. However, if this is not an option, high quality photos are the next best thing!

Watercolor on cold pressed watercolor paper.

Finished size: 12″ x 18″. Frame not included.
Custom pet portraits are painted from photos provided by the client.

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