Car Park Deck Waterproofing

car park deck waterproofing

Car park deck waterproofing are continually exposed to harsh chemicals like oil spillages, exhaust fumes, de-icing salts and chlorides, not to mention the constant mechanical abrasion of vehicles. Waterproofing systems protect concrete parking structures from these corrosive chemicals, keeping them safe and in service for longer.

NCC resin flooring experts can help make the right decisions in assessing the condition of any car park and its deck waterproofing requirements, then in specifying, installing and repairing the most cost effective and durable resin systems available. This applies equally to new and refurbishment projects, with different treatment requirements for ramps, turning circles and externally exposed top deck areas.

Drive into Durability: The Importance of Car Park Deck Waterproofing

When considering a top-deck solution for a car park, it is important to look beyond simple epoxy coatings that will degrade quickly in high tropical temperatures and consider polyurethane solutions with built-in UV protection for the longest life possible. Crack-bridging technologies that accommodate movements within the deck slabs are also essential to minimise the risk of water ingress into occupied space.

For an existing car park, surface preparation (normally vacuum blast cleaning) is normally more aggressive than on a new power-float finished concrete surface and may require repairs to deteriorated or damaged concrete surfaces before the application of any resin waterproofing system. It is also worth considering whether any Building Regulations for fire resistance and behavior of the applied deck waterproofing systems should apply – especially where the car parks are over, adjacent to, or below occupied residential and commercial / retail premises.

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