Saint Cyprian Prayer Chapel

Saint cyprian prayer ¬†was a great lover of God and a powerful love spell maker. He was a big-hearted, well-educated “man about town” when he converted to Christianity in his mid-forties. He abandoned his former life and embraced a vow of chastity that amazed his friends. He stopped reading the works of the pagan authors he had long loved and turned instead to Scripture and the growing canon of Christian theology, mostly that of his North African contemporary Tertullian.

After becoming a bishop, he showed a rare combination of great learning and pastoral sensitivity. He was severe but not inflexible with those who rebelled against the Church’s hierarchy and sabotaged morality; he was untiring in his defense of Christian traditions, and he forcefully affirmed that the Church is one, founded on Peter.

Unlocking the Sacred: The Art of Crafting Effective Prayers with Saint Cyprian

He also displayed remarkable skill in preaching, and he was a persuasive teacher and leader of the people of God. His writings on the Lord’s Prayer, on baptism and chrismation, on the penitential code, on marriage and divorce, and on celibacy are of exceptional quality.

This chaplet features a medal of Saint Cyprian of Antioch and three beads with the initials of the person for whom you’re praying. A simple crucifix can be used in place of the medal, if desired. The beads are separated into three enneads (a set of 9 beads) with a separator bead. The first ennead should be black beads, the second purple, and the third white.

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