How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home or business. Hardwood floor refinishing company enhance property value and make rooms look larger, but they can also be prone to scratches, dents and warping over time. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and waxing, will keep your hardwood floors looking new. When the appearance of your floors starts to degrade, refinishing or recoating can restore them.

How many times can hardwood floors be refinished?

Choose a flooring contractor that specializes in refinishing wood floors. Ask about the number of years they have been in business and what their experience is with different types of flooring. Also inquire about their training and whether they are licensed, insured and bonded. Ask the refinisher to provide examples of their work.

Ask if they use dustless sanding systems and a VOC-compliant or non-flammable water-based finish. Some refinishers prefer oil-based products while others prefer the durability of a polyurethane surface finish, which lasts longer than traditional wax. Penetrating finishes are another option, but they may require annual re-waxing.

Before refinishing your hardwood floors, make sure the company cleans them thoroughly to protect the newly sanded surface. Vacuuming, using a cleaner that does not contain bleach and then mopping the floors with warm water will keep the new finish looking great for as long as possible. Also ask the refinisher to recommend and apply a stain that will match the existing color of your wood floors. They may apply a sample stain to the floor for your approval.

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