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Busy Bee Septic and Excavating LLC system is a safe and effective way to dispose of and collect wastewater from the laundry, kitchen and bathrooms in homes where the public sewer system isn’t available. These wastes contain pollutants and germs that can harm the environment and human health, so proper septic system maintenance is essential to ensure its safety and efficiency.

Septic service includes cleaning, inspecting, pumping and repairing the septic tank, drain field, and other components of a residential onsite sewage system. Some maintenance tasks are routine, while others are necessary only when a problem occurs. The following tips can help septic system owners reduce the need for routine and emergency repairs:

Understanding the Basics: What You Need to Know About Septic Systems

During septic system pumping, a technician stretches a hose from a truck to an opening in the septic tank and pumps its contents into the truck. This process typically takes less than an hour. During the process, the technician can also check for tank level, baffles and sump pumps and clean the aerator shaft.

The frequency of septic tank pumping depends on the size of the household, use of garbage disposals, and other factors. Larger households generate more solid waste, which can fill the septic tank faster and require more frequent cleanings. The type of toilet paper used can also affect the rate at which the septic tank fills.

A properly functioning drainfield is responsible for filtering wastewater as it flows out of the septic tank. This helps protect groundwater supplies by preventing contaminants from reaching soil or groundwater, and it keeps them out of drinking water supply wells. Homeowners can help protect their septic systems by not disposing of hazardous substances, such as paints, solvents and pesticides, in the tank or groundwater supply well. They should also avoid driving or parking heavy vehicles or equipment over the septic system, as this can damage or clog pipes. Finally, homeowners should ensure that surface waters, such as roof rains and driveway runoff, don’t flow over the septic system or drainfield.

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