The Technology of Football Boots: Evolution and Innovation

A lot can change in a year and 2016 was no exception in the world of football boots. From Nike’s anti-clog range to new technologies that allow players to monitor their performance online, The Technology of Football Boots: Evolution and Innovation is a visual run-through of some of the most significant developments in the industry this year.Read more :เว็บตรงไม่ผ่านตัวแทน/

Until 1994 there were basically two boots in the world of football; adidas Copa Mundial and PUMA King. These dominated the scene on the feet of legends like Pele and Maradona and Beckenbauer but in 1994 something happened that revolutionised the entire industry. That revolution was the predator from Adidas. Designed by Wolfgang Scholz, the predator incorporated unconventional rippled fins in the rubber of the boot that helped with the curve and power of the kick. This created a sensation all over the world and was a huge success for Adidas.

From Leather to High-Tech: The Evolution of Football Boot Technology

From this point on, the world of football boots continued to evolve rapidly and the biggest innovations came in the design. Throughout the early to mid-1900s boots were only black coloured but around this time different designers started to experiment with various colours.

More recently, the use of studs has been reduced and moulded soles have become more popular. The use of personalised boots has also increased and it is very common for professional footballers to wear their name and number on their shoes. Many of the leading brands have also begun to include chips in their boots that track a player’s data during a game. This is a trend that could continue in the future as we see more intelligent boots appear on the pitch.

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